Flutter App Development

TechFlairz is proud to announce the development of the official PRYAYER App for Queen Akosua, Inc., a mobile application designed to empower the prayer lives of Christians. Leveraging our expertise in mobile app development and SEO, we crafted a user-friendly and impactful app experience built with cutting-edge technologies.


Technologies Used:

  • Flutter: This innovative framework allowed us to create a single codebase for both Android and iOS versions of the app, ensuring a seamless experience across platforms. (Flutter app development)
  • WordPress Admin Panel: We implemented a user-friendly WordPress admin panel for Queen Akosua to manage content and features within the app. (WordPress admin development)
  • API Integration: The app utilizes APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to connect with various functionalities, keeping the app dynamic and efficient. (API development services)


App Description:

The PRYAYER App offers a dedicated space for Christians to deepen their prayer practice. Drawing inspiration from the faith experiences of African and Diasporic Christians, Rev. Dr. Cecelia Williams Bryant, the app’s Spiritual Director, has curated a rich environment for:

  • Affirmation: Find encouragement and strengthen your faith.
  • Awareness: Gain insights and expand your spiritual understanding.
  • Spiritual Growth: Embark on a journey of personal development.
  • Liberation: Experience freedom and release from burdens.
  • Kingdom Impact: Contribute positively to your community and the world.


Key Features:

  • Healing Altar: Find solace and spiritual renewal.
  • Sign Language Ministry: Inclusive features ensure accessibility for all.
  • Intercession: Offer prayers on behalf of others.
  • Supplication: Express your personal petitions to God.
  • Communion with God: Develop a deeper connection with the divine.
  • Instrumental Invocations: Uplifting music sets the mood for prayer.
  • Monthly Focus: Explore dedicated themes for focused prayer throughout the month.


Through this collaborative effort, TechFlairz has empowered Queen Akosua, Inc. to bring their vision for a transformative prayer app to life. Download the PRYAYER App today and embark on a journey of spiritual growth!

Link: Android App Link