Meet Our Seasoned Team Member

Meet our seasoned team members, a dynamic blend of skilled business developers crafting strategies, innovative mobile app developers shaping digital experiences, SEO & Social Media Managers driving online visibility, and dedicated website developers turning visions into captivating online realities.
Mirza Shafique
Founder | Tech Lead

Visionary Founder & Tech Leader with a passion for social impact. Creates groundbreaking mobile apps that solve real problems.

Business Partner in KSA

Our Business Partner in Saudi Arabia, brings deep market knowledge and a collaborative spirit. He guides our success in the region.

Ali Abid

Creative mind, strategic thinker, and our Chief Marketing Officer shaping innovative paths for success.

Usman Ghani
SEO & Social Media Expert

Our SEO and Social Media Maestro, strategically navigates the digital landscape to elevate our clients’ online presence and drive exceptional results.

Ahmed Shahid
Business Developer

Our Senior Business Developer, transforms visions into thriving projects with his strategic insights and client-focused approach.

Muhammad Waqas
Mobile Apps Developer

Our visionary Senior Mobile App Developer, turns ideas into seamless, innovative mobile experiences.

Shahroz Khan
Mobile Apps Developer

Our visionary Senior Android and Flutter Developer transforms ideas into seamless, cutting-edge mobile experiences.

Fahad Jamal
Expert iOS Developer

Catalyzing creativity and expertise, our esteemed Senior iOS Developer crafts visionary mobile solutions, transforming concepts into captivating user experiences.

Senior iOS Developer

Crafting cutting-edge iOS solutions, our Senior iOS Developer transforms concepts into captivating mobile journeys.

Hassam Ahsan
Flutter Developer

Our dedicated Flutter Developer, crafts seamless and innovative mobile solutions, steering our clients towards digital success with expertise and passion

Flutter Developer

Dedicated Flutter Developer, Toheed transforms ideas into seamless digital experiences, driving excellence in client projects.

M Kazim Korai
Native | Flutter Developer

A skilled Native Android & Flutter Developer, dedicated to crafting innovative solutions and spearheading client projects with expertise and precision.

Sumaira Dleeb​
iOS | Flutter Developer

A seasoned Native Android and Flutter expert, orchestrating innovation and excellence in every client project she undertakes.

M Kazim Korai
WordPress | Backend Developer

Mastering Backend and WordPress. Crafting flawless digital realms, he brings visions to life with precision and expertise.

Khuram Shehzad
WordPress Developer

Dedicated WordPress virtuoso, Khuram crafts seamless digital experiences, bringing our clients’ visions to life with precision and expertise.

Akhtir Husain

Our UI & UX maestro. With a meticulous touch, he crafts digital experiences that bring our clients’ visions to life with precision and finesse.

Nabiha Maik
SEO & Social Media Expert

Our SEO & Social Media Expert, orchestrates impactful digital strategies, propelling our clients to online prominence with finesse and expertise.

Sadia Kokab
SEO Expert

Our dedicated SEO Expert, harnesses the power of strategic optimization to propel our clients’ projects to new heights in the digital landscape.